Thursday 4 January 2007

Year End's Summary

I am sorry for this belated summary on 2006, the year we’ve gone through. Technical errors of the net is my excuse. Well, what is my 2006 like? I consider a year of no change as a meaningless time, so it is good for me that I have undertaken a lot of changes in 2006.

Love breakdown: one

Marriage proposal: one

Business failures/bankruptcy: three or more (and that’s all right, because all the failures were eye-openers)

Disputes, debates: uncountable, as usual

Defraudation: two. I was the victim.

Street fighting: none (thanks God)

Mindset change: many, as usual (and that’s always good, totally good for me to keep changing)

Most wonderful experience: moments I swung with The Magic Flute. A lot more words is needed to write about these beautiful moments, so I shall refer to it in another blog entry.

New relationships: some are good ones with people from the upper strata.

In the end, may I take this belated occasion to wish you a happy 2007? My trusted friends, after so many ups-and-downs, I still think of you all as angels heaven sent to me. Although I am a blunt cynic as many consider me to be, I am always in your debts. Believe me, I have not said anything good about you just because words can hardly explain my love for you. Thank you all, friends, for what you have done for me. You are my guiding light because even when I fall, I can still think to myself that you are somewhere out in the crowd calling me back. Only with your help I can have peace in my soul.

Like Nguyen Tat Thanh said to his teacher, Professor Remy, in the movie Till We Meet Again, Sai Gon, “France gets beautiful in my eyes because there is you, Sir,” (Nước Pháp đp trong mt em là nh có thy) I would like to say aloud: “Life gets beautiful in my eyes solely because I have you. Although I have never spoken it out, and many times I would prove to be an indifferent person, what I really want to tell you is that when there are you and people like you, how beautiful life is made, and how the life in Vietnam becomes worth living in your presence.”

And, especially for you, my dearest friend, I truly hope that 2007 will bring us luck so that I can see another you and another me who have got out of all the impasses and crises. Even the bravest person on earth needs a shoulder to cry on, and I need yours.

Don’t you comment on this entry please, as I don’t want any blog reader to know who you are. I want to keep you for myself only, my twenty angels.