Tuesday 3 October 2006

No Time for Blog

My dreams keep me running all the time.

In my childhood dream, I saw myself in boots and jeans, wandering through vetlvet green fields in the sun, softly plucking my guitar strings and singing alone a beautiful melody. When I grew up and became a Beatles fan, I knew exactly what that sweet melody was: it should be ‘Norwegian Wood’.

Time went by and I lost the link with my childhood. All faded in the incurable dimness of memory.

But there were things that never faded. They were my life-time dreams. The dreams that keep me running all the time.

My friend asked me, “Kid, are you happy?”

And I replied, “I’m not sure. If happiness is a mean to an end, if it is a blazing path, then I must be very happy because I keep being en route. I keep going, I keep searching.”

“But if happiness is something at the end of the road, then I must be the unhappiest on earth, because I am forever on the road to happiness but never reach it. I keep going. I keep searching”.

So my friend said with a smile, “Dear, you bear the heart of an artist, or a scientist. You are born and live with too much ambition. The problem is that your mind, even your body or your physical strength cannot sustain such ambition. You will be in misery.”

Will I? Or am I? Or was I?