Thursday 26 October 2006

Living Is Easy with Eyes Closed

In retrospect, there were thousands of examples of the inferiority complex inside each Vietnamese mind. Nguyen Du, the great poet whose “The Story of Kieu” was a good proof of Berne Convention infringement, ended his masterpiece by saying that his works was just for readers’ fun. For sure he did not dare to say he had tried to do something more than fun. No wonder why none of his followers got out of his shadow to publicly speak out their mind.

What? What prevents us from speaking out what is really going on in our head? I think there may be a few main reasons why we choose to live this way.

Firstly, it is because of our inherent complex of inferiority, which leads us to the fear itself. We are afraid of being criticized, of being belittled, of being isolated. Therefore deep in our mind, we have a tendency to evade responsiblities, saying, “Hey, hey, I (must admit right now that I) am not a professional in this sector. What I am saying/ writing/ doing just aims to contribute one more idea/ work on this issue. Hopefully someone with better understanding than me regarding this problem will do more to make things clear…” The words might be different, but the message is the same in almost every case. A very effective way it is to elude responsibilites and protect oneself from being attacked.

Secondly, if one keeps their mouth shut about something, that might be due to either of the following reasons:

- they are not sharp enough to see the problem, or
- they are not courageous enough to raise their voice, or
- they see no profit, or even worse, they see punishments that follow their opinion, or
- they see no change that may come afterwards, or
- they see no connection between the matter and themselves; they are simply not concerned enough.

Many people hold the view that living is easy with eyes closed and mouth shut, and they are right in most cases. Most frightening is the case when we face punishment after speaking out our mind. As for me personally, I bite my lips and turn away (not with a sigh) so many times as I know quite sure that nothing will change after I shout at that man/ woman’s face. The situation will evidently stay the same. More importantly, many of us would not voice our opinions when the link between us and the place we belong to has become loose. We don’t feel we are a part of it anymore. We don’t share its success or failure, we don’t even think of its future with us being part of.

I have worked for several organizations, and I know that members shall raise their voice if, and only if, they still feel attached to the organization. People feel a strong attachment for their country only when they share common future plans and thus inspiration to work the plans out.

What, and how an organization can do to keep the attachment of their members, if it is important or not, is another matter that goes beyond this blogwriting. After all, maybe the attachment of people with an organization or a community is not trully important. In this modern world of trouble and speed, these links keep loosening without anybody being affected.

“Living is easy with eyes closed,
misunderstanding all you see
It's getting hard to be someone
but it all works out
It doesn't matter much to me…”

(Strawberry Fields Forever)

For me, anyway, blogging is just a gaaaaaame. Image