Sunday 17 September 2006

The Magic Flute

It has been such a wonderful night when I was swinging with music. A picture paints one thousand words, and so does a piece of music. With my poor creativity, I cannot find any word to express the beauty of music, and all the more I understand the meaning of what I was told once, "when words fail (to convey feelings), music will do."

Mozart, you are to me the symbol of innocence and brightness. "The Magic Flute" masterpiece must have been written by a spotless mind and heart. Should there be a unit to measure pureness, then the unit would be called "mozart", so I would say "The Magic Flute is 100 mozart degrees," or "the Beatles, with the endless charm in their golden day, is 99 mozart degrees. They are Mozart of Pop."

Such an eternal shine from a spotless mind! It is MAGIC!